A powerful technique involving a deep state of relaxation where suggestions are used to create change.

You are always in control – no-one can induce hypnosis without your consent.

Your first appointment will not involve hypnotherapy

Guided visualisation takes you on a personal journey through controlled breathing and imagery. A deep level of relaxation where intrusive, rooted thoughts and habits are teased out by suggestion at a deeper level of consciousness.

Hypnotherapy has been proved extremely effective for sleep problems, anxiety, exam stress, fears, habits, old beliefs, smoking cessation and weight loss.

Use of symbols and metaphors can elicit strength and direction in this healing process.

Looking at your personal need, we will discuss your end goal and whether this is the appropriate therapy for specific outcome.

Overcoming bad habits – facilitating change you want in a calm environment.

Hypnotherapy sessions may consist of a number of activities including: