Person-Centred Therapy

You will enter into a therapeutic relationship where you have the freedom to speak freely about thoughts and emotional concerns or worries.

Your views are valued whilst we explore the implication of change and how that looks for you.

Upholding Rogers’ principles of Respect, Understanding and Empathy, talking therapy will help you to understand your feelings better, build mechanisms, and put in to place strategies for long-term well-being.

We may talk about past events, family history, exploring causes for present distress, and looking at how you perceive life.

Acknowledging autonomy we will identify and prioritise problems at your own pace promoting well-being and encouraging honesty.

Person-centred sessions may consist of a number of activities including :

  • Free expression of problems in a nurturing environment to explore your needs and expectations. Your concerns will be highlighted using a non-directive approach, leading you to a place of satisfaction and contentment
  • Exploring alternative perspectives in a safe place, you will be encouraged to set goals, and take ownership of natural growth.